The IAASSE Digital Library provides scholarly research in the form of online library that is permanent and always searchable, always available, worldwide. Authors and researchers can browse the digital library free of charge. Almost all of papers can be downloaded free of charge.

The IAASSE digital library offers advanced technology content that brings the research of computing, science and technology to the world's attention. The library contains:

  • The Full-Text Collection of conference proceedings, technical standards, and related materials.
  • A collection of curated and full text publications from associate publishers.

For last few years, some of the best researchers have come to IAASSE conferences to share their ideas and publish their work. Through its conference proceedings IAASSE provides the research that inspire tomorrow's inventions and discoveries.

Conference proceedings capture the cutting edge of innovation by publishing refereed research findings and invited papers from IAASSE conferences and workshops.

The conference proceedings are also included in special issues of its online journals that are consistent and widely accepted among the computer science, engineering community and society. 

The conference proceedings/research articles are also available online through

  • ELSEVIER-SSRN open access digital library.
  • SPRINGER Book Series.

ELSEVIER-SSRN's eLibrary provides 844,940 research papers from 424,866 researchers across 30 disciplines.

Springer is a leader in publishing Proceedings, with over 1000 titles available per year.

Browse a listing of IAASSE's Conference Proceedings on ELSEVIER-SSRN.

Browse a listing of IAASSE's Conference Proceedings on SPRINGER.