IAASSE Membership

IAASSE offers exclusive benefits to its members like access to cutting-edge information at no cost, technical innovation opportunities and cash backs/discount offers*. Join a community of science and engineering professionals and be ready to interact, learn, collaborate, and innovate with them so that you can be the best professional in your field. Members not only support IAASSE mission but build a platform also for introduction of technology for students and scholars around the world.

IAASSE membership can help you to learn lifelong programs, view publications that provide original research and practical content and avail leadership opportunities on stimulating projects.

Through IAASSE memberships one can keep current in chosen technology profession and invest for advancement in industry. Membership is open to all individuals who has evidence of competence by education or experience in any IAASSE designated fields like Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Biological and Medical Sciences, Management, Technical Communications and Education.

The following types of membership is offered by IAASSE:

Student Member

To become a member, one must carry have minimum 50% of a normal full-time academic program as a registered graduate student in a regular course of study in any of IAASSE designated fields. The members, when become eligible for professional grade can be transferred to professional member grade upon their request.

Professional Member

Professional Member grade is limited to those who have specified educational requirements and/or who have professional competence in designated fields of interest of IAASSE. It requires for professional members to perform certain duties.

To become member:

  • An individual must be IAASSE student member.
  • An individual must have a post graduate university-level or higher degree from an accredited institution and at least three years of professional work experience engaged in teaching, creating, developing, practicing, or managing.
  • An individual shall be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical executive, manager or originator.
  • An individual must have demonstrated performance through technical leadership and/or professional contributions like

1. project/engineering, research, education, management leadership, etc.

2. publications in refereed journals or conference proceedings, textbooks, success product engineering/development, patents, standards, etc.

3. service to professional societies, review committees, conference committees, standards committees, etc.